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The Brand Wanted

To communicate the dedication, practice and hard work of their trainers before training someone else at their newly launched India's First Rowing Race Studio.

The Strategy

Create a behind the scene yet powerful video which shows how the trainers of Juna turned to the experts for lessons and tips. 

Scope of Work: Brand Commercial and Videography

Client / Brand: Juna - The Fitness Sanctum

Industry / Sector: Fitness / Gym Service / Sports

We Train Hard Before We Train You
Juna - The Fitness Sanctum

To train you right, the trainers of Juna - The Fitness Sanctum turned to the experts from Concept2, Inc. for tips on how better they can provide you with a true rowing experience at 'India's First Indoor Rowing Race Studio' by Juna. They are training hard! What about you? 

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